Ni No Kuni Cross Worlds : MMORPG with the Best Visualization and Musicalization Ever!

Ni No Kuni is a famous RPG genre video game series released by Bandai Namco Entertainment and developed by a studio called Level-5 in Japan. Their first game was released on the Nintendo DS platform in 2010 with the title Ni No Kuni: Dominion of The Dark Djinn.

Ni no Kuni: Cross Worlds is set in the near future, with players controlling a beta tester for a fully immersive virtual reality game called Soul Divers. After selecting one of five classes — Destroyer, Engineer, Rogue, Swordsman, and Witch — and customising their character’s appearance, players log in and quickly encounter an AI named Rania before a glitch sends them into a burning castle under attack from mysterious forces. Players make their way to the Nameless Kingdom’s queen, who identifies them as trustworthy enough to grant possession of the kingdom’s heart crystal and commands the Royal Protector Cluu to go with them to safety. Cluu and the player are then transported to the Kingdom of Evermore, where they seek aid to go and rescue the queen.

Once you start, you jarringly find yourself in a futuristic-looking company. Apparently, they figured out how to access the path between our world and the world of Ni no Kuni hinted about in the various games. They can actually send people there where they can use it as a sort of video game.

The action itself is very similar to games like the aforementioned Genshin Impact in which you explore a large, fairly open world, by using the left corner for directions and the right corner for your various attacks, a standard attack and several special attacks that recharge over time.

Combat is very superb, and it's more about managing your team of familiars and weapon loadout to make the best of elemental advantages. It’s not too bad as there are a lot of little things to upgrade and tinker with in menus so you’ll always be busy… but that’s all it is. Busywork in a cute wrapper. All you do is watch your character run between gorgeous vistas dealing with fetch quests and lists of monsters to kill while you occasionally switch out weapons or poke about in the menus upgrading things to make you fighty numbers go up. There’s very little depth here and I hate it. An amazing world full of imagination that’s right there in front of you, and you can’t interact with it in any meaningful way.

⏺️ What the RPGames experts says:

"What makes Ni No Kuni Cross Worlds Review interesting is its inherent and unique art style, especially for those of you who like Studio Ghibli. Not only is the art style the main concern, but Ni No Kuni’s music is also composed by a great famous composer, namely Joe Hisaishi. With the enthusiasm of gamers with this franchise, Level-5 also spreads its wings in the mobile market by releasing a new game called Ni No Kuni: Cross Worlds. "

Ni No Kuni: Cross Worlds is one of the MMORPG games with the best visualization and musicalization ever on the mobile platform. This game must wait for the upcoming global version so you can feel the potential of this game in more depth.

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